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iGEN DNA Extraction Tech

DNA extraction kits are based on an advanced and patented technology developed by IGEN Biotech that provides better outcomes in genomic DNA extraction compared to the gold standard. This new technology shows higher performance in both quantitative (High final DNA amount) and qualitative (high degree of purification) terms. Thus, its use in low-cellularity samples, commonly complex and limited, provides outstanding advantages.  

Based on this technology, IGEN Biotech has developed a wide range of applications designed to be used in different kind of samples:

- Prenatal diagnostic samples (amniotic fluid and chorionic villi).

- Whole blood/ blood samples.

- Tissue samples paraffin embedded.

- Plasma, liquid biopsies or serum samples (Cell-Free DNA).

Our associated company ILAB TECH manufactures and commercializes IGEN Biotech´s technology under CE-IVD mark or under RUO (Research Use Only), depending on specific product.

For more details and ordering visit the website: www.dnaextractiontech.com

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